Soluble Sugar, Sugar alcohol, and Organic Acid Contents in the Fruits of Actinidia Species

Soluble sugar, sugar alcohol, and organic acid contents in Actinidia fruits were determined in various genotypes using high-performance liquid chromatography.

For details, see the following paper.
Nishiyama, I., T. Fukuda, A. Shimohashi and T. Oota  Sugar and Organic Acid Composition in the Fruit Juice of Different Actinidia Varieties.  Food Sci. Technol. Res. 14(1), 67-73 (2008)  

  The main soluble sugars in A. deliciosa and A. rufa fruits were glucose and fructose, although sucrose was present in smaller amounts. In contrast, sucrose was the predominant sugar in A. arguta fruits, followed by those reducing sugars. 

 Actinidia fruits tested here contained myo-inositol as a sugar alkohol component. Myo-inositol contents in A. arguta fruits were 575−982 mg/100g fresh weight, which is almost the highest level among all foods. 
  Citric and quinic acids predominated over malic acid in all Actinidia fruits tested. Compared to kiwifruit, the proportion of quinic acid was higher in A. rufa and lower in A. arguta .

Sugar and organic acid contents in the fruits may vary depending on the conditions of the cultivation.

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